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  • TRANSCO Pharm

    Under the name TRANSCO PHARM we work with more than 27 years of experience as a service provider in the field of pharmaceutical logistics and transport of pharmaceutical products. We develop and implement complete pharmaceutical concepts for highest process quality, safety and documentation. With the project “Secure cold chain”, which has already begun in 2011, we have fully prepared ourselves to the new requirements of the“GDP-Guideline 2013”and work continuously according to qualified processes as well as with qualified staff and the latest technology.

  • Process quality

    Based on the analysis of specific customer requirements, we define the process requirements of our customers for temperature-controlled services for pharmaceutical products. This is summed up in a specific quality assurance system and we realize, monitor and document the individual process steps. Our approach is not oriented on a downstream passive quality control (traceability), but we are working for a proactive hedging strategy.

  • Safety

    The safety of the product in the supply chain and operations to ensure continuous customer requirements have the highest priority for us. Continuous monitoring of temperature, door status and route can be ensured on a 24-hour clock. With the customer elaborated and continually evolving intervention plans include clear communication channels and decision documents. Regular training of all persons involved in the transport process are part of our standard.

  • Qualification

    The qualification of the processes, of all employees involved - from the driver to management - as well as of the technology used belongs to our basic understanding and is a prerequisite of safe and successful services for the pharmaceutical industry. As part of our project "Secure cold chain" we have carried out the qualification steps for our own pharmaceutical trailers from design qualification to installation qualification and operational qualification. The next step will be the performance qualification for our main relation.

  • Documentation

    The written documentation of product and process data to ensure continuous traceability is an integral part of our qualified processes. Deviations are recorded, documented and studied. In interactive communication with our customers, we have regular quality meetings for the evaluation and perspective optimization of the processes. The regular internal trainings are based on training plans, training reports and relevant training materials.

  • Contact

    TRANSCO Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
    Am Wall 5
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    Telefon: +49 (0) 33701 3696 0 (Zentrale)
    Fax: +49 (0) 33701 3696 233